Founding Principles

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TecSource, Inc.

Founding & Guiding Principles

To Learn

A commitment to learning will keep TecSource from becoming an internally focused company and by design, therefore, a company better able to focus on the needs of the clients it serves. It should be a commitment to looking beyond what itís doing and how itís doing it and a willingness to recognize and be open to new ideas and opportunities; both from outside the company and from outside the industry.  The need for this is well described by a quote from Dale Dautenís book, Taking Chances: "Different is not always better; but better is always different.  You can't be better by being the same."

To Teach

Learning, in and of itself, has no business value unless the knowledge is put to practical use; and to maximize the value of any business knowledge it must be leveraged by passing it along to others.  This not only creates and increases value for the business but also creates and increases opportunities for the people within and associated with the business. Since people are the business, itís clear that without this commitment neither the business nor the people can grow. In a very practical way then, the need to help people grow is not only desirable, itís critical to success. This is well described in an often quoted saying of Zig Ziglar: ďHe climbs highest, who helps another to the top.Ē

To Be Fair

Business is simply one of the activities in the life of society at large and so the same principles that govern other aspects of life should govern business.  It is a founding principle of TecSource that neither life nor business are zero-sum games and that win-win interactions are  possible and should always be sought. Since, as a practical matter,  long term, consistent relationships are the most productive for a business, TecSource must commit to building those relationships by making sure that all parties involved can benefit from any activities it engages in, and avoiding any activity which seeks to gain unfair advantage over the other parties involved in it.  Simply put, TecSource must operate according to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

To Prosper

To exist as an entity a corporation must be profitable.  Consistent with the principles above, TecSource must always seek to maximize the return on investment for its stockholders and the income opportunities for those others who work within or in association with the company. It must be acknowledged, in fact, that unless TecSource prospers as a business it canít honor the principles listed above and they in turn serve no corporate purpose unless they allow the company to do so.  The first three principles focus on and allow development of people and successful relationships.  This principle makes them possible. ďWithout development there is no profit, without profit no development...Ē -Joseph Alois Schumpeter in The Theory of Economic Development.